From basic designs to fashion-forward styles geared toward the wholesale junior market,

this line is efficient all the way to the name, Tresics—a hybrid of the words trendy and basics.

For our wholesale missy category, our brand label Femme offers basic tees to contemporary

styles for our missy market. 

Inspired by the modern "It" girl, TRESICS luxe is a designer-inspired brand that focuses on printed fabric

and fashion forward designs while still maintaining the accessibility of the original Tresics Line.

Each product is developed with a focus on detail, fabric, and trends to offer

a wide variety of updated merchandise to their customers. Tresics has been proactive

in bringing more contemporary luxury to the wholesale junior category, as well as

working with the finest yarns for the moderate markets.


Along with private label production, Tresics, TRESICS luxe, and Femme are diversified

in key items and seasonally stocked.

With an aggressive open line stock position, we are able to give our customers

the ability to fill stock reorders within 48 hours.