Las Vegas Magic Event (2019 AUGUST)

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Fashion Domino visits MAGIC at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, making it easier for businesses to collaborate with like-minded visionaries in menswear, womenswear, footwear, and children's. With the help of our models, we've helped vendors increase sales and ensured more exposure for their clothing line.

fashion domino vendor booth modeling support program participants

  • Hayden LA
  • Minuet
  • Hem&Thread
  • Iris
  • Fate by LFD
  • Ellison
  • Yelete
  • T-Party
  • The Clothing Company
  • Illa Illa
  • Allie Rose
  • Lux LA

Illa Illa

"Fashion Domino's booth modeling support program was very beneficial because not only did it provide a positive outlook, but it also allowed us to enhance our line by attracting new buyers/customers."

Allie Rose

"Fashion Domino's model's did an amazing job to display our clothing line, which resulted in substantial orders at the show. The models were not only charismatic but friendly with us and the customers. Thank you very much Fashion Domino! Let's do it again next year!"

Las Vegas Magic Event (2019 FEB)

los angeles experience event

  • Twice a year, Fashion Domino helps our vendors that are showcasing at the Magic Show
  • We provide support and resources that are needed, for example, we help vendors with brand exposure

Boutique Hub Event

los angeles experience event

  • when it took place: October 9th from 10:00AM to 1:30PM
  • where it took place: 932 San Pedro St. Los Angeles CA 90015
  • aftermath: Successfully Bringing Buyers and Venders Together!
    • Fashion Domino's platform/meeting led to be a powerful tool in which owners and wholesalers made new relationships - giving them a chance to connect, collorate, and grow their businesses together.
    • For boutique owners and wholesalers who were already doing business together - this gave them a chance to strengthen their relationships and learn more about each other!

Media Buzz

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Apparel News

  • “[Fashion Domino] is a one-stop-shopping website with all the vendors that are in there already and a lot of people who are out of state who can’t come to Los Angeles every week to buy,” said Los Angeles’ Cello Jeans Vice President Adam Lee, a Fashion Domino member and an investor. “About 35 percent of our sales for the year are online. We’ve seen many boutiques ordering online as opposed to walking in.”

Business Journal

Magic Show

fashion tradeshow in the United States

  • Magic is considered the most comprehensive fashion show in the US and Fashion Domino was in the center of it all
  • We were able to help our vendors - previewing our new models that are now available for photoshoots in collaboration with their line.
  • Fashion Domino was able to show its vendors the advantages of being with its platform - led buyers directly to the vendors' booths and helped advertise the new season line.
  • In supplement to supporting the vendor lines and advertising the vendor lines, Fashion Domino can be considered a gateway to establishing a strong foundation with buyers.