About Us


Fashion Domino is the premium Los Angeles based Wholesale Fashion Marketplace that connects wholesale clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes and cosmetics manufacturers & distributors with buyers from across the USA and the whole globe.


While being the newer player in the wholesale fashion marketplace industry, we concentrate on bringing superior business-to-business online shopping experience, and customer satisfaction by providing buyers with exclusive benefits such as consistent free shipping on different size orders, deeper discounts, excellent customer service and one of a kind retailers’ informational support.


With over 2000 vendors in the Los Angeles Fashion District, we showcase businesses with regularly updated newest collections, high-quality merchandise, and great timely support. Our mission is to make both vendors and buyers benefit from doing business together so vendors can produce more excellent designs and buyers deliver their product to the end, retail customers.

Who are our business-to-business shoppers (buyers)?

Big box brick & mortar and online retailers, some of them are well-known players from Top 500 and Second Top 500 Internet Retailers' lists.

Smaller retailers – wholesale buyers who represent the core of our shoppers' database.

Fashion & Accessories boutiques with a high percentage of consistent local and online retail customers who tend to purchase more upscale, unique, and made in USA products.

Individual sellers who run their online properties as well as sell on Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, Instagram, Facebook, Tradesy, Mercari and more places.

Why should buyers join?

We are the ONLY marketplace that concentrates on providing FREE SHIPPING & exclusive promotions on merchandise that sells full price in the majority of different destinations.

All our wholesale clothing, accessories, handbags, and shoe collections are pre-screened - versatile, high quality and latest designs.

Our prices are competitive and matching manufacturers’ website prices.

We understand how complicated retail business is, so we provide our buyers with exclusive educational information on how to grow their retail businesses. This information will become available to you once you become our verified buyer.

Why should wholesale fashion & beauty manufacturers join?

We will display your wholesale fashion & beauty merchandise in front of the unique mix of buyers/retailers who will drive your incremental revenue on a consistent basis.

We analyze your performance through data analysis and work on a one-to-one case to lift the performance of each vendor by providing best wholesale industry practices and insiders' advice.

We will develop each storefront on best user experience methods that help to showcase your merchandise with the maximum benefits to retail buyers.

About our merchandise

With our newest fashions, our buyers will be able to provide your shoppers with the best looks for all seasons and occasions.

You can create stock collections for your stores by shopping brands, categories, new arrivals, themes or sale. We developed out browsing navigation with understanding that your product mix is one of the most critical parts of your retail strategy and operations.

Wholesale clothing

With multiple versatile collections, we are on the mission to offer a variety of hottest trends in high-quality wholesale women and men apparel. You will be able to find not only trendy fast fashion but also classy, timeless styles that eventually will become staples of your retail customers’ capsule outfits.

Our vendors are focused on delivering merchandise of flattering fits, great comfort, and latest looks made from top quality fabrics. In our multi-faceted marketplace, you can find contempo and edge collections that will suit your customers for different occasions such as dressy, casual, sexy, vacation and more.

Wholesale handbags

Wholesale handbags at our fashion marketplace represent latest, best spotted on runways trends for following seasons. Statement-making satchels and totes, eye-catching cross body bags, shoulder bags & hobos, accent backpacks, classic carryalls unfold one of the best wholesale fashion handbags collections. More trends from the past return in different colors, fabrics and bags’ accessories. Fun twists on old everyone’s’ favorites make wholesale handbags’ inventory shopping exciting because buyers know in advance that their end retail customers will love what they sell. Premium quality and low prices justify initial buyers’ investment and ensure that retail stores’ shoppers will come back for more.

Wholesale fashion jewelry

Our fashion marketplace is happy to present multiple choices for latest jewelry trends’ must haves. Updating the look with jewelry became style hack number one for retail shoppers. End customers budget smarter nowadays. They buy more jewelry and accessories during all seasons. Women try to re-energizing their styles without upgrading the whole closet. When it comes to purchasing next set of jewelry inventory, get ready to find a broad spectrum of glam fashion earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and all other jewelry categories. We are happy to collaborate with manufacturers who provide unique designs, excellent quality merchandise, discounts and free shipping.

Wholesale swimwear

We would love to offer diverse collections of one and two pieces, premium quality swimming suites to incorporate new trends, designs, and fabrics in your summer & vacation products’ mix.

In our wholesale marketplace, you can find a little something for any of your end retail customers. You can pick from classic silhouettes as well as hot trends’ pieces that will make your customers stand out from the crowd and come back to your store again.

Wholesale swimwear makes excellent summer individual category and serves as cross-sell category, sale items, and gifts during the cold months of the year. Also, with swimwear trends changing less often than the wholesale women clothing in general, you will be safe with overstocking.

Wholesale Plus size clothing

With fast fashion style trends’ constantly changing, our fashion marketplace tries to keep up with new wholesale plus size clothing styles & designs. We present multiple chic contempo and edge collections for curvy customers from across the globe. Our wholesale plus size fashion finds can infuse any product mix for a different price point, geo and demographic shoppers’ segments. Plus size dresses and skirts, tops and jackets, jumpsuits and pants showcase multiple flattering styles in bright and classy color pallets. Great discount and free shipping deals will let you shop more than you expected to present your customers with a more extensive assortment of the plus size fashion.

Wholesale children's clothing

At our wholesale fashion marketplace, buyers can source fantastic wholesale kids clothing designs manufactured from top quality fabrics. We are determined to bring you newest styles, easy-to-wear looks, and comfortable fits. With children known for their appreciation of dirt, we are gearing toward easy-washable, more natural fabrics. Also, with being exposed to Social Media, wholesale children wear becoming the whole new industry. Old-fashion photo albums are now visible to the entire world, and end shoppers/parents put more fashion thoughts into dressing their kids to look adorable in front of friends and family.