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Studio Ko Clothing

Bamboo Collection by Studio Ko
With its minimal impact on the environment, bamboo is the most desirable and perfect source in the fashion industry with the rise of the eco-friendly lifestyle.  

Pre-Washed Collection by Studio Ko
Rayon is a sensitive material that can warp dramatically when exposed to heat or water. By simply washing and drying a piece of rayon fabric, you can shrink it down by a significant amount. With this process, we provide an amazing and even better quality. not only reducing the chemical impact and shrinkage level down to 70%, you will also find the softness like cotton with drapes like silk.  

Recycled cotton by Fabina
Recycle cotton has a true vintage scent that only exists in FabinaLA brand. 
Looking for affordable and chic products that you can create a cool sustainable brand shop, here is Fabina. 

Our mission

We are trying to be more green everyday...but, it is not simple when it comes to fashion apparel. With our 30 years experience in US production, one of our mission is to fine the reasonable price  and better quality with using more natural and recycled fibers so that more  customers can buy. As long as we try together, we will find better way. 

Our style

Our line is simple with an edge. Basic but not so basic, Classic with seasonless and functional, And, our own neutral color pallet.