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POL Clothing Inc.

POL Clothing was initially an idea and a migrant's dream.

The CEO began in South Korea's dongdaemun ( - essentially an everyday flea market for the latest fashion finds). After finding success through the market with business know-how and having a keen understanding of the demand in what fashion finders were looking for, he took to the U.S. to see if the same success could be replicated. And indeed, success was found. Its been many years since the days of dongdaemun, but the atmosphere behind it still carry over to this day - the buzzing busyness in our booths, the constant surprise of new, and crowds of fashion cravers looking to be fashionably satiated!

We here at POL envision POL Clothing as a story without an ending and a story you're helping us create. It's what POL has been about since the beginning by coming together between the crossroads of fashion and business in creating styles through inspiration to the world around us. And to have these inspirations translated into unique pieces of clothing that resonate with our desired aesthetic that ultimately resonates with the girl wearing it.


Headquarter Location: 4920 S. Soto St. Vernon.C.A. 90058

E-Commerce Team: 310-715-1247


Tradeshow Team: 310-715-1370



** We're also located in Downtown L.A.'s expansive Fashion Mart! Come check us out at our showroom!**

Showroom Location: 735 E. 12th St. Suite 108 L.A. C.A. 90021

Showroom: 213-745-2200

Business Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM (PST) / FRIDAY - 4:30 PM (PST)