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Creative Design Works, Inc.

Established in 1998, Creative Design Works, Inc. has always kept true to one principle: to deliver quality. From sourcing the fabric to the last button or paying attention to stitch count, we excel in over-the-top quality built on focused design, durability, and form-fitting products. Creative Design Works, Inc. has become a well-established manufacturing company through years of reliability for our loyal customers ranging from independent boutiques to major department stores.

In 2005 we launched our first market brand "Jennie & Marlis".  With a new start came exciting new designs.  This new line was developed with the outgoing sassy fun loving girl in mind.  We played with vibrant colors and created collections using bolder prints.
We continue to bring fresh designs under "Jennie & Marlis" all while keeping true to our principle.  Our trendsetting apparel boasts high quality and affordable prices.  We are very proud to bring you the best of both worlds.

Representing a closet full of tricks, Closetrix was developed with the goal to create a closet filled with unlimited possibilities. Everyone has a trick they use to make their closet seem unlimited, and we want to provide the pieces that will let customers imagine expanding their own closet with ease. Keeping true to our CDW philosophy, we will also showcase our younger more contemporary creative side. Our design aesthetics targets fun-loving, hard working, independent individuals that want functional pieces without compromising style. Closetrix is set to launch in the Fall of 2018 and we hope to be a part of your closet full of tricks!

In 2018, we redirected our passion to bring quality to customers down a different path and Beautytrix
was cultivated. Beautytrix is a new line of beauty products that focuses on effective solutions using top-quality ingredients. A line guided by Jennie Kim and her vision, Beautytrix is influenced by her international inspirations and 35-year career in the fashion industry.
Jennie's love for beauty and cosmetics grew as she traveled to Japan, Paris, Italy and Korea. It can't all be work...right? We have partnered with various reputable factories in South Korea that emphasis on top quality ingredients using the most high-tech non-abrasive techniques to extract each component in its purest form. Beautytrix is set to launch in the Fall of 2018. Everyone has their own trick to using beauty products and we hope to be a part of everyone's daily beauty routine.