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Chic Pier

With more than 10 years of women fashion trend experience, our Chic-Pier elite team now utilizes e-Commerce to present our customers with the latest creations of ladies heels, wedges, boots, fashion sneakers and flats. Here you can enjoy:

Free Handling Fee and The Lowest Shipping Cost By FedEx Ground And Express 
Chic-Pier is the place where you can get the lowest shipping price from west coast to east, because we offer shipping price match to our customers. You make the call!!

150+ New Styles Updated Every Week and Lowest Overall Cost Guaranteed
We search the whole non-branded market to get the latest trend, have our dedicated collaborators in China manufactured them with lowest cost, and make those trendy shoes right next to each other for you to choose. When you cannot find some particular styles here on our site, do not hesitate to email us or give us a phone call for free inventory check and quote. 

Exceptional Customer Service
We are dedicated to make your shopping experience with us enjoyable and unforgettable.We listen to your concerns, we act to solve them for you, we support you as friends. At Chic-Pier, business is not cold, but warm, it is not hard but to make your business easy. 

Money Safety Guarantee
We have a system work perfectly to manage your order and guarantee your delivery. No Charge will be made before we can guarantee your delivery based on provided ETA. 

We are here only to make your business easy and grow faster!!
Chic-Pier, where friendship and collaboration starts!!