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Laconic Style

Hello and thank you for visiting our little website.

After searching vigorously for essential products that were both attractive and functional without success, Laconic style was created with the modern women in mind who enjoy minimal but high quality life.

Our mission is to support our customers find a meaningful way to express their styles by offering authentic products which honors individuality and personal styles in one place. We are committed to provide our clients only the highest quality and most unique products, and update our collection frequently to stay ahead of the norm.

We are relentless and uncompromising about how we communicate with our clients. Our customer care is at our top priority and we are willing to go to the moon and back to ensure your satisfaction. If you have any question or comments, please contact us at

Laconic – “Using few words; Expressing much in few words; Concise”
All things that are meaningful in our lives can be expressed in a LACONIC way.  
Live, Love, Laugh… Laconic.